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Leptospirosis…are you and your pet at risk?

Leptospirosis is an organism that is endemic to our region. It is a small spirochete bacteria that is most commonly found in the urine of affected animals. Wild animals in our area are the most common vector of Leptospirosis and spread the disease when other animals become exposed to their urine. ¬†Most commonly the disease Continue Reading

Jack’s Story

We met Jack in June of 2013 when he was 3 months old. He came to Mother Lode Veterinary Hospital to be evaluated for a suspected congenital heart defect. He was an adorable ball of fur, but was small and thin for his age. Jack was worked up and diagnosed with a condition called a Continue Reading

SOPIX2-New Digital Dental Radiograph Sensor!

¬† We are happy to announce that we recently upgraded our digital dental radiograph sensor to a SOPIX2. The SOPIX2 has quickly become the industry standard in digital dental radiography. With this new technology we are able to identify very subtle disease processes that are often missed with conventional digital radiography systems. The SOPIX2 software Continue Reading

How did my dog get roundworms?

This is an excellent article put together by VCA Animal Hospitals on roundworm infections in dogs. Have you ever wondered why most puppies are born with worms? Have you ever heard of visceral larval migrans in people? Yes…pets can transmit roundworms to people! There are some very simple steps that you as an owner can Continue Reading

Cuterebra Infestation in a jack rabbit!

These are Cuterebra larvae that were found buried under the skin in various locations along the neck of this jack rabbit! Interesting to see the various life stages represented here! Cuterebra flies will deposit their “sticky” eggs near the rabbit’s burrow. The eggs stick to the rabbit’s fur and then hatch into tiny larvae. Once Continue Reading

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