There are limitations of diagnosing dental diseases with simple visual and physical examination, and many dental diseases require x-rays to diagnose the problem. X-rays enable the veterinarian to quickly assess dental problems and can help to shorten anesthesia time.

X-rays are necessary to diagnose tooth resorption, maxillary and mandibular fractures, oral cancer, root trauma, peri-apical disease, other bony pockets and defects, bone infections, cysts, temporo-mandibular luxations and fractures, and other disease processes not visible to the dentist. X-rays are also necessary to perform root canal therapy.

We have recently upgraded to a SOPIX2 digital radiograph system that has quickly become the industry standard in digital dental radiology. With this new technology we are able to identify very subtle disease processes that are often missed with conventional digital radiography systems. The SOPIX2 software allows us to manipulate images to better assess certain tissue types. We are also able to convert two dimensional images into 3-D reconstructions that give us a new prospective at target lesions.

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