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Tooth Extraction

Removing teeth safely.

Tooth extraction is a common procedure at our hospital, although the decision to take a tooth out is not taken lightly. Clients are permitted be present during dental procedures performed on their pet. If they choose not to be present, we request a phone number so that we can contact them to discuss any recommended tooth extractions.

We recommend removing a tooth that is painful or that may result in systemic infection. The decision to remove a tooth becomes even more significant when the pet already suffers from valvular heart disease, pancreatitis, liver disease, or concurrent kidney disease and protecting the patient from further organ insult from periodontal disease is of paramount importance. Sometimes tooth extractions are done to eliminate crowding between adjacent teeth to prevent early demise of all the teeth involved. We generally close all exposed bony sockets post-extraction to eliminate the possible negative outcomes of food impaction or dry socket pain, and to facilitate a rapid and pain-free return to full function.

Tooth ExtractionsPersistent deciduate or primary teeth are very common in small breed dogs. Sometimes these teeth need to be removed because they interfere with eruption of the permanent tooth, preventing it from descending into the proper location and resulting in malocclusion issues. Some deciduate teeth fail to come out at maturity and will require extraction to prevent future periodontal disease.

Tooth ExtractionsWe remove persistent deciduate teeth concurrent with spays and neuters so that only one anesthetic procedure is necessary. However we do not remove persistent deciduate teeth unless the permanent tooth is erupting through the gum line. Such cases are re-evaluated at a later time for extraction(s).


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