COVID Update

To our valued clients, we are pleased to be fully operational. While we have many clients who are ready to re-enter the building, we have many others who want to continue with curbside service.  We are happy to offer curbside for those not wanting to enter the building.  We kindly ask that everyone else check in at the front lobby. 

Pre-scheduled routine appointments will now be able to accompany their pets into the building (if a room is available). Urgent appointments, emergencies, and technician appointments will still be seen through our curbside service so that exam rooms are available for regular scheduled visits. For all in-person appointments a mask will be required (vaccinated and unvaccinated clients) and a limited number of people will be allowed to accompany their pet. WE WILL NOT ALLOW ENTRY INTO THE BUILDING WITHOUT A MASK PER STATE REQUIREMENTS, NO EXCEPTIONS AT THIS TIME. If you are unable to wear a mask, we will be happy to assist you as a curbside appointment.

We thank you for all your continued support and understanding over the last year. Upon arrival, there are now two ways to check in; either by visiting one of our CSR’s at the front desk or by using or curbside texting service. For curbside service, please pull into a numbered parking spot, and text “Hello” to (530) 435-7624 (which is posted at each parking space). You will be directed through our check-in process with a series of prompts so that we are better able to serve you. If you are unable to text and prefer curbside service, you may call our main line at (530) 272-6651 to check in. If you check in by text and have not received a response from our staff, please alert a customer service representative or technician in the parking lot to let use know you have arrived. A staff member will then either accompany you and your pet or just your pet into the building. If you are not accompanying your pet into the building please wait in your car while we examine/treat your pet. The doctor will often have questions about history, diagnostics, and treatments so it is important we are able to find you so that we can promptly continue with your appointment.

Upon completion of your appointment, a customer service representative will then either collect payment in the room or come out to the parking spot. To shorten wait times, if you are picking up preventatives (heart worm prevention, flea/tick prevention) or refilling medications, please call ahead so that we can have your medications ready. If you do not call ahead, please expect wait times of up to an hour. Again, we appreciate all of your patience through these challenging times!

Mother Lode Veterinary Hospital